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Pet & Dog Poo Wormeries

Wormery Instructions

Turn dog poo into a great compost!

Our Pet & Dog Poo Wormeries are a great way to turn pet and dog poo into great worm compost and a liquid fertiliser for your garden.

Because of the nature of the waste (faeces) we do not advise using the end compost in vegetable patches or in areas where young children would play - but it is an excellent conditioner to be dug into your garden or used as a bedding for shrubbery and flower beds.

You may even choose to continue disposing of your dog waste, but reduce the quantity vastly by processing it through the Pet and Dog Poo Wormery first.

Our Pet and Dog Poo Wormeries come with everything you need to start disposing of your dog waste straight away.

- 100 Tiger Worms or a Worm Card Voucher*
- Approx 1kg Bokashi Bran to speed up the decomposition process
- 3 or 4 composting trays depending on choice made
- Coir Worm Bedding
- Drainage Sump Tray, Tap and Lid.

Available in multiple colours with 3 or 4 tray options.