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Pressure Controlled Self-Priming Pump for Automatic Filling of Washing Machines and Toilet Cisterns

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Self-priming, pressure-controlled pump that automatically switches on when it senses a drop in pressure in the discharge.

This pressure-controlled, self-priming 12v water butt pump has a built in pressure switch which senses the water pressure in the discharge pipework. If the pressure drops in the pipework the pressure switch senses this and starts the pump, when the pressure in the pipework is increased to the setting of the pressure switch the pump stops, this is done automatically.

It is important to be sure there are no leaks in the discharge pipework, if you have any leaks the pump will continue to stop and start when there is no demand. This pump is suitable where rainwater is being recycled for domestic appliances.

  • This pump can be used to provide toilet cisterns and washing machines with water.
  • It can be connected direct to the cistern(s) of a toilet and will automatically switch on when the toilet is flushed.
  • Alternatively the pump can be used to fill a storage tank which in turn feeds the cisterns on the toilets in the house or office.
  • The pump comes complete with suction strainer.
  • The power for this pump is provided by a battery and a mains electric AC/DC charger, which is supplied with the pump.
  • If the pump is pumping directly to a toilet cistern or washing machine it is advisable to install an expansion vessel into the discharge line of the pump. If unsure, please contact us.
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