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Pelletised Worm Treats (1.5 kg Bag)

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Benefits of getting worm treats:

  • These treats are natural accelerators for your worm-assisted compost system.

  • Its a special mixture of all the nutrients worms love best!

  • Easy to use and see good results just by adding a handful into your worm composter every few weeks to give the process a boost.

  • The pellets also soak up any axcess moisture in your composter and swell up in volume.

  • Pelletised worm treats help keep your system in peak form! So add these to keep that amazing system sweet and balanced!

  • Made from 100% sustainably resourced and non contaminated wood waste, known as 'Ecowood'.

If your Wormery gets too wet from time to time you can simply add and mix in some dry shredded newspaper or cardboard. Alternatively you can throw in a handful or two of this specially prepared wood-based pelletised 'treats' made from 100% sustainably resourced and non contaminated wood waste. Known as 'Ecowood', they rapidly absorb excess moisture, swell up and are then processed by your happy Tiger Worms.

In typical use, a 1.5kg bag should be plenty for one Wormery for about 6 months (although it won't do any harm if you use more). Whilst by no means essential, they are an entirely natural accelerator to worm composting and a handful added every 3 or 4 weeks will help ensure your Wormery stays sweet, well balanced and working at its best.

At this price for a 1.5kg bag they also represent great value.


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More Information
Colour Brown
Brand GM8 Group Ltd
Height (CM) 13
Width (CM) 21
Depth (CM) 26
Weight (KG) 2

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