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Leaf Composting Kit

Leaf Composting Kit

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Leaf Composting Kit

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The Leaf Composting Kit includes; Leaf Collecting Handy Hands, Be Green Compost Maker for Leaves 500ml & 3 Leaf Sacks
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The Leaf Composting Kit will not only save you money but will also save you time

This great kit includes

Leaf Collecting Handy Hands
Collect your leaves in half the time with these premium extra-sturdy and robust oversized 'hands'. Useful for all garden waste including grass clippings, weeds, prunings and fallen leaves.
Be Green Compost Maker for Leaves 500ml
Converts leaves into rich leaf mould in 10 weeks rather than years. 10ml of Compost Maker, mixed with a full watering-can, treats about one-and-a-half bin bags of waste.
3 Leaf Sacks
100% Biodegradable, the Leaf Sack turns itself and fallen leaves into nutritious compost
Fallen leaves might be regarded as a chore, but to organic gardeners they're a source of rich nutrients for the following spring planting.

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