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C24 Automatic Solar Powered Watering System (includes 12 Drippers)

In stock



C24 Automatic Solar Powered Watering System (includes 12 Drippers)

In stock

This weather responsive SMART irrigation controllers uniquely use solar power to detect the weather and alter watering according to the conditions and the season. It has 12 drippers to feed and water your plants

The C24 Automatic Solar Powered Watering System is a weather responsive smart irrigation controllers which uniquely use solar power to detect the weather conditions to alter the watering accordingly for plant growth to thrive.

The C24 has 12 drippers to feed and water your plants.

They are easy to install and set up, and once in, they will water automatically with minimal supervision – ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments – and can be used for pots, raised beds,
hanging baskets, vegetables and greenhouses.
Unlike conventional timer systems, by watering little and often, the soil stays moist and water does not run off, saving you water. A 200 litre water barrel typically lasts 1 week to 10 days.
No mains, wires, or hosepipes needed nor heavy watering cans to lug water around the garden.

Included in your kit

  • C24 SMART controller with integrated pump
  • Inlet filter
  • Anti-siphon
  • Water level sensor (with 5m cable)
  • 15m tube
  • 12 drippers
  • Stakes
  • Tees
  • 3 x AA rechargeable batteries (preinstalled - please remove & charge the batteries externally for 20 – 30 minutes before 1st use as they may be flat).

Features of the SOL-C24L

The new water level sensor is placed in the water barrel and will detect when the water is running out and emits an audible warning during daylight hours. The water level sensor comes with a 5m cable - if the controller is positioned further  away the water level sensor can be disabled. 

Night mode - the system now detects when it is dark and switches the controller off to prevent watering at night.

Waters up to twice the capacity of the SOL-C12L

5m height 20m to water source 60m to last dripper

Maximum Watering Capacity
To assist in selecting the most appropriate Irrigatia controller, we have devised a simple method to demonstrate each product’s capacity. We call them‘Irrigation Units’, or ‘IU’ for short.

The SOL-C24 is suitable to irrigate one of the stated maximum planting quantities, or a combination thereof.

24 x 20l pots | 24 x tomato plants | 48 x pepper plants | 24m row vegetable or flower beds
Features & Benefits
  • The more sun, the more it waters – waters every 3 hrs
  • Saves plants from drought and waters when on holiday
  • Automatic watering for up to 10 large hanging baskets or 24 x 20 litre pots
  • Drip waters up to 5m above the water source
  • Uses up to 90% less water than a hose
  • Easy, Eco, Efficient
  • Water source to solar pump – maximum 20m
  • Water source to last dripper – maximum 60m

12 Dripper Extension Kit

This 12 Dripper Extension Kit allows you to double the amount of drippers being supplied by your SOL C24 automatic irrigation system or your Irrigatia C12. It includes 15m tube, 12 each drippers, stakes and t pieces.

Product Installation / Information Guide

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