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200 Litre Aerobin Hot Composter - Brunswick Green with Leachate Hose Extension Kit

In stock



200 Litre Aerobin Hot Composter - Brunswick Green with Leachate Hose Extension Kit

In stock



Fast Composting


Reduce Waste


Low Maintenance


Year Round Composting

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of the market's top hot composter, now available at a fraction of the cost! Whether you're a seasoned composter or just starting out, this exceptional product is the ideal choice for those seeking the most efficient composting method. Equipped with an internal lung, it eliminates the need for turning and allows for maximum heat retention, resulting in compact and nutrient-rich compost. Plus, with its innovative insulation system, you can expect to produce the most nutritious compost in as little as 90 days.


The #1 hot composter on the market, at a fraction of the price! This amazing product is perfect for anyone wanting to start composting with the most efficient method! The addition of an internal lung inside, means that there is no need to turn your compost, so it stays more compact to hold the heat in! With it's thick insulation system, you will be able to create the most nutritious compost in as little as 90 days!

The 200L Aerobin Hot Composter is a device that provides an ideal environment for highly efficient, healthy aerobic composting in most climates, for 12 months of the year. This hot composter has an attractive modern design that will look great in your garden.

Composting will contribute to your household reducing the amount of waste that goes to either landfill or incineration, this assists our planets environment. Composting helps people live in a more sustainable way.

Now includes a FREE Leachate Hose Extension Kit which makes extracting liquid fertiliser (leachate) for your garden plants much easier.

This composter comes in two boxes, one box for the main component and the second which holds the central aeration lung (flue). This lung assists the quick breakdown of food and garden waste. Two people are needed to construct the Aerobin.

Instructions for assembly. More details about the Aerobin:

  • Dimensions
    Height: 117.5cm Width: 51cm Depth: 51cm

  • Packaging Dimensions
    Height: 15.9cm Width: 54cm Depth: 49cm Weight: 15.9kg

  • The Aerobin was developed & designed to enable the recycling (composting) and reuse of most organic materials that are generated at the household. This provides a practical alternative to these materials being collected, transported and dumped at landfill sites or incinerated.

  • In the natural process of aerobic (or hot) composting, the work is performed by healthy decomposer microorganisms. These organisms are a living thing that require food (carbon & nitrogen), air and water. When they have the correct balance, compost is produced very quickly in this Aerobin.

  • The Aerobin is vermin resistant.

  • To get the composting process underway quickly, it is best to add a layer (50mm or 2”) of compost in the base of the Aerobin. This can be either healthy compost from another composter or compost purchased from a garden centre, just ensure that it's not sterilised.

  • Waste should be premixed before it is loaded into the Aerobin. This will avoid concentrations of any individual material.

  • Compost should start to form on the base of the Aerobin (remove the Access Doors) from 8-12 weeks of starting.

  • Rich Leachate should start collecting in the Leachate Tank of the Aerobin within 4-6 weeks. Don't forget to dilute Leachate before use.

  • The product is fantastic for garden waste and works best when at least half-filled. Do ensure that woody material is shredded or mulched before adding.

  • Glossy ink printed magazines or cardboard are not suitable for the Aerobin as the inks are mostly likely not biodegradable and can be toxic.

  • Has a moisture recirculation system, which means you can just drop your food/garden waste in and let the Aerobin get to work!

  • Manufactured from 100% virgin polymer.

Leachate Hose Extension Kit (INCLUDED FREE WITH EVERY ORDER!)

The Leachate Hose Extension Kit for Aerobins makes extracting liquid fertiliser (leachate), high in nutrients for your garden plants, from compost much easier.


Accelerator Powder - 3 Pack

Our Accelerator Powder (3 Pack) will ensure that a healthy population of safe bacteria is present and the degradation process works efficiently in your waste disposal unit.

Kingfisher Heavy Duty Garden Bag

Collect your garden waste in this Garland Products Kingfisher Heavy Duty Garden Bag which can hold things like weeds, hedge cuttings, leaves and grass cuttings.

More Information
Capacity - Litres200L
Approx. Delivery TimeSee Checkout for Details
Height (CM)117.5
Width (CM)51
Depth (CM)51

Product Installation / Information Guide

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